A top level single-handed skiff with performance equalization that allows winners to be big or small. The RS700 has refined systems for user-friendliness and competition on the fantastic RS Racing Circuits. It’s not for the faint hearted but this Class has a cult following and it’s easy to see why.


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This will be our third such annual event, which we’ve dubbed the Canadian Melonseed Classic. It will be held over 3 days, Saturday, July 16th through Monday, July 18th, at the Hudson Yacht Club, located on the shores of the Lake of Two Mountains just west of Montreal. It is one of the most casually organized events you’re likely to attend, intended to bring widely scattered Melonseed sailors together for a few days of catch-as-one-can sailing and relaxation. To be clear, any racing that takes place is strictly limited to the imaginations of the skippers who may or may not be involved.

The HYC has great facilities, including its harbour, spacious grounds, club house, pool, showers, snack bar and, best of all, a sandy beach on which we store our boats and from which we launch and sail as the mood strikes us. The club permits camping on the point overlooking the beach. The Club is located a few steps from the village of Hudson, a pretty, quiet place with good restaurants and grocery supplies within walking distance.


Alvin Croll

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4ème à Cap Town Bernard Humbert Skipper EZANA… by virtualregatta

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We are Arielle Morgan and Heather Myatt, a 49erFX sailing team from Montreal, Quebec and our goal is to qualify and compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

We are Canadian Team Identified Athletes and members of the Quebec Sailing Team at the Elite level and are training hard to qualify for the Canadian Sailing Team by January 2015. Our training and racing plans bring us all over North America and to Europe to train and compete at the highest level.




It all began in 2007 when we teamed up on the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club’s 420 Race Team in Montreal, QC. Arielle as skipper and Heather as crew. From there we competed extensively throughout Canada and the United States for 3 years producing high results on the Canadian Junior Circuit. In 2010 we graduated up to the 29er. Combining teaching sailing at RStLYC and racing, we competed on the Canadian 29er Grand Prix circuit for two years.


The 49erFX

At the end of our 2012 29er season, we took a step back and realized we had a strong desire to go farther in sailing, that’s when the 49erFX program began. Selected as Elite members of the Quebec Sailing Team in Fall 2012 we stepped up our training, set some big goals and we were on the way to full time, competitive Olympic Training.

This team has been going strong for 8 straight years, we believe that the hard work and the time we’ve put in together gives us an advantage when it comes to on the water trust, chemistry, and team-work. With our strong work ethic and desire to be the best we are ready to give it all we have to make this program successful. Click on Get on Board to see how you can join Morgan Myatt Sailing and help us take this all the way!


Read more about Arielle and Heather here



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